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Fingerprint smart lock Singapore


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Fingerprint door lock for HDB gate Singapore
PIN Number Smart Lock Singapore
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RFID Card Smart Lock
Bluetooth Smart Door Lock Singapore
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Hotel door lock system Singapore


Digital door lock for HDB gate Singapore

Increase The Security
Grade C Anti-theft Cylinder

Weather proof | Scratch proof | Colourfast

200,000 Cycle Times

Fingerprint scanning durability test and handle pressing down cyclist test.

96 Hours of Salt Spray Durability

The test is to evaluate the impact of different exposure conditions, such as humidity and temperature, on a coating’s ability to resist corrosion.

Anti-peep password

Support up to 20 digits phantom password

Permanent long-term password

Simple setting, support 6 digits password

One-time valid temporary password

Can be created remotely, it will be invalid after unlocking once

Specific time temporary password

Can only be unlocked within the valid time period

Hotel door lock solution Singapore

High resolution fingerprint recognition

The extraordinary smart lock that impress you with only one button to unlock.

Raizo Smart Hotel Automation System

best performance smart lock Singapore

Enhance the hotel brand and image

Cheap smart lock

Reduce the cost of management

Efficient room management

Intelligent and convenient experience

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