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Face recognition door lock
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Singapore face recognition smart lock


304 Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Mortise Lock​

Truly anti-saw, anti-collision, anti-picking, more durable, and compatiable with majority of lock bodies.

Best security smart lock Singapore
Scan face smart lock Singapore

Made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy

compressive and durable in use, anti-oxidation, long-lasting

Corrosion resistant

Resistant to wear and tear

Impact resistant

Nano-coating Treatment

Hardness and scratch resistance
Reduces the risk of residual fingerprint on the smart lock.

Best face recognition smart lock Singapore
Electronics Smart Lock Singapore

Electronic security lock

Double protection which you can lock your door from
inside. Anti-panic function is designed for emergency
escape even when the electronic security lock is
turned on.

3D Structured Light Face Recognition

Infrared night vision camera accurate identify and easily unlock the door in a dark environment.

Best face recognition smart lock Singapore

Raizo Smart Hotel Automation System

best performance smart lock Singapore

Enhance the hotel brand and image

Cheap smart lock

Reduce the cost of management

Efficient room management

Intelligent and convenient experience

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